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Waste Collections Cheshire

Here at The Waste Solution we offer a fine array of waste collection services and offer large bins and small bins completely free of charge to all business customers

Roll on Roll off Containers

We can leave roll on roll off containers at your premises for you to load with agreed waste materials and exchange either on a regular basis or when called by yourselves.

Examples of waste that can be loaded into these containers are: Paper, Cardboard, Metal, Pallets, Wood, General Waste

Curtain Side Vehicles

These vehicles are fitted with a tail lift for the loading/unloading of cages/pallets and wheelie bins and obviously have a multitude of uses within the waste/recycling business and can also be used for general haulage. Please contact us with any queries, we are happy to negotiate on any subject.

240ltr Wheelie Bins (Lockable for Confidential Waste)

We provide a confidential document destruction service where we collect documents from the customer premises in locked wheelie bins with a letterbox aperture. This material is then returned to our premises and confidentially shredded and the material then sent for recycling.

If wheelie bins are not appropriate for your premises we can collect confidential waste in polypropylene sacks or cardboard storage boxes.

1100ltr Wheelie Bins

These are supplied again for paper and cardboard waste and are suitable for outside storage.

Refuse Vehicles

For the collection and recycling of cardboard and paper waste.

REL (Rear End Loader) Bins

These bins can be located at the customer’s premises and cardboard and paper waste loaded in and collected and the material emptied into refuse vehicles either on a regular basis or when required by yourselves.

The Waste Solution have never failed to provide a good quality service when it comes to waste management and recycling requirements, I can’t find many more words to describe the service, other than fantastic!

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